Fair Congo Foundation

The Fair Congo Initiatives are reviewing the potential for the creation of a non-binding ‘board of advisors’, to represent a cross section of NGO, private sector and government stakeholders. While invitations are currently being sent out, we invite anyone to contact us, assuming you are already a stakeholder/expert in the following fields:

Categories of Advisors:

Natural Resource Extraction; Women Empowerment; Arts & Culture; Social Enterprise; Sustainable Business/Fair Trade; General

Current Members:

Robert Frederiksen, professional investor, attorney and metallurgical engineer

What does it mean to be on the advisory board for the Fair Congo Foundation?

A very small amount of your time, generally through short and direct communications with no more than two of the management team from the foundation. Your professional experience and opinion in the design and implementation of the Fair Congo initiatives. The foundation has already been laid for Fair Congo, we need everyone’s expert opinion to refine its development. How can we do things better, how best can we scale the project, what other innovative and disruptive ideas can we bring to focus?

Why should you accept our invitation to be an advisor?

Development within the ‘conflict minerals’ world is moving exceptionally quickly. We’ve seen stakeholder focus broaden its focus, initially beginning with the 3Ts, to gold now expanding across the board with focuses on cobalt and essentially all minerals produced through medium and small mining operations.  There are numerous stakeholders from NGOs to governments, all with opinions on how to move forward yet with little collaboration or focus to execute these ideas to drive significant change. This is your opportunity to etch those opinions into our foundation as we move forward, drive this concentrated effort to source a multitude of natural resource products and effect change on scale. Let’s not just talk, let’s forge our words into actions!

How does this help the Fair Congo initiatives?

The Fair Congo Foundation and Fair Congo, sarl intend to make a long term, ‘big splash’ in the DRC. We intend to provide a focus to many of the stakeholders represented in our efforts. This is a team effort, that combined with everyone’s existing efforts, can drive home that change we are all intending to make. There are challenges though, including the general reputation of both the territory as well as the extractives industry in general. By binding that ‘team effort and reputation’ we can start to change that perception.

How is this Foundation being funded?

Fair Congo Foundation has been funded by a grant provided by the Chambers Federation with future funding provided by Fair Congo sarl as the sole recipient of a total of 15% of company profits. Additional funding is provided through the foundation’s arts and cultures program.