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Launching 3rd Quarter, 2017

Fair Congo

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Fair Congo is the first American owned, fully licensed exporter of artisanal gold in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Fair Congo adheres to the most robust, overlapping due diligence measures in the industry. This ensures our material is not only conforming to the ‘OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas’, the regional certification standards of the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) and the now suspended Dodd-Frank, Section 1502, it also aims to meet LBMA Good Delivery standards, an industry first for ASM gold coming from eastern DRC.

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All too often the Democratic Republic of Congo is shown in a negative light in media. The Fair Congo Foundation considers this a gross misrepresentation of the reality of what we have come to know the DRC to truly be. With this in mind the Foundation is now promoting artists and youth groups and bringing their works to market. Coming soon, anyone throughout the world will be able to view and purchase paintings, wooden & metal masks, raffia mats & various other works of art and culture. All of these items are purchased by the Foundation directly from the youth groups or artists making them and all proceeds go to expand the Foundation’s efforts in this initiative.



The Fair Congo Foundation, launching in July of 2017, will advocate for the legal extraction, export and sale of artisanal gold from the Democratic Republic of Congo. An estimated 90% of gold production in the DRC is produced artisanaly, representing a market value in excess of $400 million dollars per year.

Investment Advocacy

The Fair Congo initiatives are impact investments made by the Chambers Federation, a US based impact investment firm. This company believes so much in the future of investment potential in the Democratic Republic of Congo it has funded the first 7 years of the projects development entirely on its own. Now in its 8th year, the Company opens its doors to encourage other investors to come realize the investment potential of the Democratic Republic of Congo.


The Fair Congo Foundation is working on the creation of a not-for-profit, universal trading platform for all natural resource based products. The creation of this platform begins with the lessons learned through the gold exporting program through Fair Congo. This platform is being made to ensure the integrity of all materials exported through the Fair Congo initiatives.


million $s, UN estimation of ASM gold smuggled each year


% of people in the region receiving some form of income from mining


Fair Congo market-share % goal by the 2nd year


% of Company profits reinvested back into the community

Impact Goals

Community Development

Investment Promotion

Women Empowerment

Environmental Preservation

in collaboration with

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the Fair Congo team

team photo

Alain Kabi

Program and Logistics Coordinator
team photo

Finance Manager of the Chambers Federation and Executive Director for Fair Congo. Mrs. Gwet comes to the Federation with prior positions in the finance department of the African Union and United Nations. Mrs. Gwet also doubles her responsibilities as the Federation’s French translator.

Adele Gwet

Executive Director
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Managed family business for the past 20 years, expanding operations to the Philippines in 2003 and Africa in 2009. Currently living in Kenya, leading the main office in Nairobi and directing all operations in Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Currently focusing on the implementation of the Fair Congo Project in the eastern region of Democratic Republic of Congo.

Matthew Chambers



Fair Congo

Avenue Muhumba, Bukavu RDC

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